How to Choose Gem Stone? You should choose the appropriate crystal for yourself or your malady that you want to heal. Please choose carefully! The crystal should not have any crack or defect because that crack may be easy broke in the future if it cannot bear any quake or magnetic power. The result will be bad more than good. More Details

Stone Lover Club Web Board is one of the request from "Stone Lovers" They want web board for talking anything about stone, exchanging idea. You can do anything you want about stone or jewelry. Don't hesitate to join us. Web Board

The Healing Power Health Problem and lot of malady are the result from the lock of life power inside the body. Bead and jewelry may help the flowing of energy inside or around the body put to the right system. If we can get rid of the lock of energy and increase their flowing system; the energy system of body will be recovered at the balance stage. Therefore our physical, our thought, our mental and our spirit will work together very well. The result is we will be calm down, be lively or be more active up to the category of stone you use.More Details

Stone Washing Method If we get any new stone, we should put them on the heat durable container and take it in the sunlight to get sun power.Some kind of stone has special qualification in centralize sunlight power that will make the container have high temperature till fire up. This washing method is suitable for the new stone that we just got them and didn't know where the source of them is. We should wash out the bad power of them first More Details

Stone with Color Candle, Herbs, Incenses, Oils and Flowers Each type of Stone has different preference of Candle, Herbs, Incenses, Oils and Flowers, don't hesitate to see what kind of stone use with kind of those stuff?More Details (Information from Khun Orange Juice from Web Borad)

Princle of buying Gems Lot of visitors ask in our Web Board about the rules that we should consider when we want to buy any gemstone such as Diamond, Emerald, Jade, Opal, Pearl, Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire. We should know standard principle of the consideration buying these kinds of gemstone. Thai Version

How to keep Gems? after buying any gemstone, the continuous question is how to keep it? We have top secret of keeping each type of gemstone to tell you here.Thai Version

Hardness of Stone Each type of stone has Hardness Schedule


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