Stone Washing Method

1.Wash by Sunlight
If you get any new stone, the first process you should do is washing or cleaning it with sunlight by put it on heat durable ware. Some kinds of stone have very high concentration of light which can has very high temperature and may clause fired to the container. This washing method suit for any new stone that we didn't know the source of it so we should wash out the bad power of it first.

2.Wash by Moonlight
Moonlight is a soft female power so this method suits for washing the female symbol stone. It's very easy to take the stone out to touch the moonlight at night especially full moon night. The stone will correct the soft power and dew power that is the good power to it.

3.Wash by Saltwater or Seawater
Dissolve 2-3 spoons of salt with warm water and soak stone in this water then wash it out by clean water, mop it up and take to air. If we wash with seawater, we should wash it in the sea then soak with normal water again (The period of soak with both water is the same). Water will absorb bad power of stone and salt can sort out the energy in stone to work for our body and mind effectively.

Wash by Pass by Water Flow

After using any stone, the easiest way to wash bad power out is take that stone to the faucet and pass it through the water flow 10-20 minutes. If you can wash it with rainwater when it rains hard is pretty better because the power of nature is great.

5.Wash by Aromatic

This method suits for the big size of stone and not convenient of move. Aromatic such as gum benjamin which have scent from Dyospyros or others or herb of oilflower. This method can wipe out the power that we don't want from stone. The aromatic has high sound frequency to increase the power of stone.

6.Wash by bury in the ground
If the stone has taken to heal several times and absorb high bad power, we should wash it by bury in the ground for 7 days. The earth power will absorb all bad power then the stone will have normal frequency as usual.

7.Wash by Joss Stick Smoke
If you pass to the place where they have lot of joss stick smoke such as temple or in the Buddhist room in your house, you can take the stone round in a circle of joss stick pot left side 3 times then right side 3 times.

8.Wash by Music and Pray

เNatural sound and music can decrease the frequency of stone. We can take stone to the waterfall and turn on light music; the sound of music will make the purity of stone effectively. Even the pray also can wash the stone and wipe out bad power too.

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